A zeppelin flight over Paris

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Zeppelins have recently been reborn from their ashes. They are gradually reappearing in our skies. At a time when we are trying to reduce fuel consumption, when efforts are being made to reduce noise, where the speed argument is losing its all-powerful monopoly little by little, the Zeppelin offers numerous advantages. And it’s a great airship for private trips! What would you think of a Zeppelin flight over Paris?

The airship that will take you into the sky of Paris is a Zeppelin NT 07 with all the latest technological innovations. It’s 75 m long and 17,4 m high and it can reach a maximum speed of 125 km/h. The cabin can accommodate 2 crew members and 12 passengers. So no big numbers. But that’s an advantage.

Each of the 12 privileged passengers can experience the adventure is the greatest comfort. There is no crowding, no noice, no one blocking the windows.

Panoramic window

Except during takeoff and landing, when safety requires that passengers remain seated, you are free to move around in the cabin during the trip. So you can take your chance to view the Paris panorama from all sides of the aircraft. The cabin is even especially designed to allow comfortable standing. And be sure to take advantage of the panoramic window seat in the rear of the cabin! You will pass Paris’ most famous monuments and you will be able to photograph and film them from a totally unique point of view.

This is also great: there is no door or bulkhead between the cabin and the cockpit. At all times, you can see the pilot at work.

Because indeed: learning how the Zeppelin operates is part of the magic of this experience.

The first Zeppelin flight took place in 1852. So, are you ready for yours? Rates go from 450 to 650 euro per person for a flight of 1,5 hours.