Wine tasting and palazzo experience on the Amalfi Coast

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Does the name Tramonti ring a bell? It's actually the oldest wine maker on the Amalfi Coast in Italy. The 17th century cellar is truly worth a visit and has been recently renovated. The vineyard itself is not huge, but beautifully situated, overlooking the Mediterranean and is surrounded by natural beauty, some tiny churches and lovely villages. Very Italian indeed!

The winemaker himself would be very pleased to invite you for a tour, discuss the history of the vineyard and introduce you into the secrets of the Tramonti wine making tradition.

And of course, tasting some Costa D’Amalfi wines is a must! The Tramonti area has long been recognized for producing lean, nervy, marine whites from a blend of indigenous white-berry varieties. For the connoisseurs: Falanghina for the most part with little parts of Peppella and Biancazita.

Dinner in a watch tower

After tasting the wine, head for the Palazzo Margherita: the first hotel in Positano opened in 1885. Quite famous for having hosted politicians, artists or film directors. Famous souls have returned to this place over and over again. Today, this palazzo has been transformed into luxurious apartments with high ceilings, a private terrace overlooking the blue sea and stylish decorations. A home away from home at the Amalfi Coast.

And may we add a suggestion for an exquisite dinner in Positano? Go to the restaurant ‘Torre del Saracino’, built in a 1300 year old watch tower and one of the best restaurants of the region. Fuscella ricotta or the Vittoria’s babà with custard and berries is really a must for every gourmand!

Enjoy la Bella Italia!