3 x water experience on the Italian Amalfi Coast

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In southern Italy, the Amalfi coast undulates along the Mediterranean shores. From Naples to Salerno, you will see vineyards and small coastal villages in a wonderful natural setting. The many villages along the coast include Amalfi, Ravello, Positano or Salerno. LUXURY TRAVEL BUTLER took a flight to Italy and enjoyed three wonderful water experiences on the Italian Amalfi Coast.

Kayaking on the Amalfi Coast

Enjoy the beauty of the coast while gliding on the Italian waters! The Amalfi Coast is well known for its tiny inlets and hidden cavities.

During this tour you will be able to reach the most concealed places and private beaches.

Privacy guaranteed because boats and pedestrians simply can’t arrive there. The Fjord of Furor, Santa Croce Beach, the Devil's Grotto, and the Marmorata Falls, are just a few of the most beautiful places you will see along your trip down the coast.

As far as timing is concerned, you can choose: according to your level of experience and itinerary preference, you can enjoy either a half or full day excursion. Snacks and fresh local fruit are provided to give you the energy for a marvelous, long lasting paddle.

And what would you think of a special night excursion: the perfect experience for romantic couples.

Paddle down the coast by moonlight... Wonderful indeed! Make yourself ready to depart right before the summer sunset and finish with an authentic dinner in a renowned restaurant along the coast.

Waterskiing on Capri

Water skiing in the waters surrounding the Island of Capri is an experience of a lifetime. Imagine skimming the surface of the crystal blue waters along the unspoiled coastline of one of the world's most famous Islands...

Admire the famous beauty of the Isle as we pass Punta Carena (yes indeed, where the beautiful Punta Carena Lighthouse can be seen).

Enjoy the swell of emotion as you ski by the world renowned Faraglioni Rocks, the symbols of Capri, while heading full-speed towards the fashionable seaside resorts along the Bay of Marina Piccola.

Discover some of the area's hidden beaches, the natural beauty of its coastline, and its amazing turquoise waters, while taking in the breathtaking views of some of the Island's most amazing natural wonders, like Casa Malaparte, and the silvery-grey rocks of the Natural Arch, set high above on the cliff side.

This experience is possible for individuals or couples. Smart Boat, English-speaking skipper and observer, and all technical equipment are provided.

Diving in the Mediterranean

Discover the Mediterranean from underwater! Your tour will start from an intimate beach in the heart of the Amalfi Coast. A specialized and friendly staff member will provide assistance and all necessary equipment for an exhilarating diving experience.

After boarding your boat, you'll be off the coast, ready for diving and you will be accompanied by your private instructor.

In just a few moments, sea fans, gorges, scorpion fish, and a whole fleet of Mediterranean beauty will surround you.

Just a gentle warning: look out for the groupers, octopus and spirographs hidden throughout the numerous sea cavities ;)

During your dive (or dives!), your private guide will show you the secrets of the Mediterranean seabed and ensure your Italian diving experience will be one of your most unique and memorable dives ever!

If you are ready for water experiences at the Amalfi Coast, just fill out the form next to this article and you will receive full details and rates. Ciao and enjoy la Bella Italia!