A unique luxury hotel concept in Belek & Antalya, Turkey – Adam & Eve Hotels

Adam & Eve Hotels in Belek – Antalya, Turkey, offer an exclusive perspective on holidays. A luxury hotel concept, combining sun, sand and sea with varied entertainment – the essentials of a relaxing holiday – provides a unique travel destination for those seeking essence and purity, with approaches appropriate to all tastes.

Desiring to offer guests a pure and lucid lifestyle, Adam & Eve Hotels have been designed to reflect the serenity of white and the lightness of transparent touches along with light’s radiant colour spectrum.

The result, realised in sun-drenched Belek, Antalya, is remarkably close to ‘heaven on earth’.

The ample use of white signifies that all people are essentially pure and fully alive. Mirrors are deployed to break down limits to the infinity of the joy of life. And large windows and lots of transparency let guests enjoy the ethereality and beauty of nature.

Attended by angels

In addition to block parties, which take place every hour of the day,

there are natural parties every evening in the ‘Apple Garden’ – the most exclusive garden in the world – and in the Atrium, which is adorned with over 5 million mirrors.

The idea is to offer guests a holiday according to their own wishes and desires, not those of Adam & Eve Hotels. The ‘Angels’ of this heaven on earth are always ready to ensure that the guests’ wishes and needs are fulfilled, even before the guests think of them themselves.

In addition, a ‘Butler’ serves as a holiday assistant in the special villas. All guests enjoy ‘privileged’ status, as each one is regarded as an Adam or Eve.

Challenge your dreams

From watching films in the comfort of your bed to cooling off in the swimming pool (which is open 24 hours a day), Adam & Eve Hotels provide all the creature comforts we’ve become accustomed to. Combining the leisure of relaxation with captivating parties and shows and non-stop live performances by the world’s most trendy DJs, the hotels offer a luxurious lifestyle.

There are 434 ‘non-standard’ rooms, each with a minimum of 64 m² of surface area, a 16 m² terrace, a dressing room and a therapy bath. Each room has three beds, one of which is on the terrace. The relaxation bed is modular so that it can be adjusted to suit personal comfort preferences. Shower, steam bath and therapy bath are equipped with light- and colour-therapy technologies. There are also a 42-inch plasma TV and an exclusive ‘Clima Click’ air conditioning system.

Suites (28 in all), ranging from 128 – 1000 m², are located on every floor of the main Adam & Eve building. In addition to all the designer room features, there is a sauna for 4 persons, and some suites have a heavenly-sized bed measuring 4.6 m². Guests staying in the suites and villas are entitled to use the Private Beach Club right in front of their lodging.

The world’s longest pool – 104 metres long (the length of two Olympic pools) – offers designer sun beds, a Relax Pool where sea and sky meet, and a special bar where you can sip your cocktail.

In total, there are 7 pools, 4 water slides, a Jacuzzi in the indoor pool, and hydrotherapy lodges. Children will also have a great time in both the large outdoor pool and the Mini Club’s indoor kids’ pool.

Pinch me, this must be Paradise…

The attractive EdenSpa Wellness & Spa Centre creates an atmosphere based on black, white and mirrors, where people can take a break from their normal life to experience an extraordinary approach to attaining a refined peacefulness.

EdenSpa features 13 Turkish baths, 2 saunas (one Finnish and one Russian), Jacuzzi, 65-metre indoor pool, Thai massage, Ayurveda massage, stone, chromo and sand therapies, balneo therapy, oxygen therapy, aromatherapy, sound therapy bath, and steam bath. EdenSpa Wellness & Spa Centre has only one objective: “To offer healthy relaxation in heaven on earth.”

EdenSpa is listed as one of the World’s 3 Best Spas in the German Gala Magazine “World’s Most Successful Spa Centers” competition.

The hotels maintain that, in addition to being the abode of happiness and peace, Heaven is also the place of perfect healthfulness, where the widest choice of sports activities is on offer. So, Adam & Eve Hotels provide a fitness centre, squash courts, table tennis, billiards, surfing and windsurfing, a catamaran and both indoor and outdoor tennis, basketball, football, volleyball and swimming sports. All of these activities are available in the multi-functional living spaces and can be practiced at all hours.

For guests who want to experience art and culture in heaven on earth, the hotels provide a theatre and two cinemas.

Although many features of Adam & Eve Hotels deliberately exceed human scale, the hotel’s basic philosophy is to pamper guests with the simple luxuries of an elite, memorable holiday.