Be the co-pilot of a space flight! Prepare for a trip to space.

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From 2014 onwards, Space Expedition Corporation (SXC) will perform daily commercial flights into space. You will have the chance to go for a life-changing experience and to view planet Earth from 100 kilometers high. Having been at that altitude, you can definitely call yourself an astronaut...

Space Expedition Corporation will perform the flight in the Lynx Mark II. This spacecraft can comfortably take off and land like a normal airplane, from regular airports. The Curacao airport in the Caribbean will most probably be the first location – and Spaceport – outside the USA.

Until know, about 200 tickets have been sold.  If you want yours, take into account that the spaceflight costs 100,000 dollars per flight.  

The frontier of space

The Lynx Mark II Spaceship carries two people at a time. That’s quite limited indeed, but it has an advantage: it allows the two passengers an unparalleled experience of being able to co-pilot the spaceship.

That’s what LUXURY TRAVEL BUTLER indeed calls an authentic space voyage and an educational experience at the same time!

The Lynx Mark II Spaceship reaches a maximum height of 64 miles – the official fronter of space begins at 62,1 miles. From this height, surrounded by darkness and space, you will see the entire Earth in all its wonders...

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