Enjoy Croatia: how about cruising along the Dalmatian Coast?

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They say that travel makes you temporarily forget about your job, deadlines, stress, rush and other daily worries back home. LUXURY TRAVEL BUTLER was recently looking for a destination that could make such a promise true. And we chose for the Dalmatian Coast in Croatia. A memorable experience indeed: the Mediterranean as it once was...  A short overview of the trip that we did...

Our first stop was Trogir, a beautiful UNESCO world-heritage site. A true labyrinth of twisting alleys, cobbled streets and authentic bars where the graps are growing from the ceiling.

In one of those bars, situated on the medieval square, we enjoyed a red Dingac and a glass of Prosek, a Croatian sweet desert wine. And the stories from the locals added to the experience!

Catamaran experience

Our next stop was Split, a coastal city in the south. The old town is a wonderful place and especially the Diocletian Palace is worth visiting, an enormous palace of over 2000 years old whispering tales of ancient Roman emperors. The Diocletian Palace is situated by the sea, just close to the bustling harbour of Split and the many restaurants.

When going to the Dalmatian Coast, you should certainly not forget to visit one of the 1.200 islands – although only some of them are inhabited. Most are rest blissfully unspoilt.

With our catamaran, we cruised from Split along the magnificent coast of rocky cliffs, secluded caves and sandy beaches with pine trees.

We stopped at a small village for lunch and enjoyed a local speciality, Peka: a mix of lamb, veal, chicken, potatoes and fresh rosemary – all roasted together in a pot. 

Most beautiful place in Europe

Our final destination was Dubrovnik. An absolute must! Dubrovnik is often regarded as one of the most beautiful places in Europe! And rightfully so: this amazing medieval walled city is a unique place filled with history, art and architecture but also with great restaurants and some of the best hotels in the country.

Old World charm, rich history, natural beauty, welcoming people, delicious food, warm weather, beautiful beaches, captivating music in an historic setting....

Sounds like Italy? Perhaps Greece? Even Spain? Think again - it's Dalmatia in Croatia. If you are looking for a tailor-made travel programme, just contact Secret Dalmatia.