Shake your own personalised Conradtini cocktail!

Conrad Hotels & Resorts has introduced a bespoke cocktail service, Conradtini, which enables guests to create their very own martini or cocktail and even become their own master mixologists.

While most restaurants and bars offer standard martini and cocktail menus, this modern bar alternative allows guests to order and mix their cocktails exactly as they wish , without worrying about finding the best combination of their preferred ingredients or sacrificing their interest in a peach martini because of their aversion to lime juice. Furthermore, each hotel and resort has created its own Conradtini menu to reflect the cultural preferences of location and local customs.

Personalized service and the luxury of choice

Whether guests prefer a gin base or vodka, juice or carbonation, nectars, syrup, a martini shaken, stirred, strained, on ice, extra dry or with a kiwi, in a martini glass or highball, Conradtini offers guests a personalised service and the luxury of choice. Conradtini provides everything necessary to create your perfect cocktail . Guests are invited to take a seat at the bar and create an individual concoction with as much or as little assistance as desired from Conrad’s own talented mixologists.

Creating your Conradtini:

First, guests select their base ingredient from the hotel’s own menu highlighting regional flavours, with a choice of Vodkas, Gins, Bourbons/Whiskeys, Rums, Schnapps and Liqueurs.
Next, comes the choice of a preferred mixer – will it be caramel, watermelon juice, banana nectar, cidona or Lucozade?
It doesn’t stop there, as guests have a variety of garnishes from which to choose, from capers and cucumber to honeydew and snakefruit.
Guests can even pick their own serving styles and glassware.
Every detail has been carefully considered in creating the Conradtini and ingredients also vary at each location to really highlight the local culture and destination specialities

The tableside mixology service offers guests the opportunity to mix their own cocktails from the bottle, with the same plethora of mixers, flavours and juices available.

A new bar concept

Richard Blamey, Senior Vice President Brand Management, Conrad Hotels & Resorts says of the new Conradtini,

“At Conrad we’re always looking for ways to extend our commitment to providing options and personalised luxury experiences for our guests. This new bar concept, which we believe is the first of its kind, along with many of our ongoing initiatives, celebrates each guest’s individual preferences. We want everyone to feel comfortable ordering their cocktails the way they enjoy them most, rather than for each guest to alter an already-existing menu.”

Conradtini is available at all Conrad’s hotels and resorts worldwide throughout 2008.