Seven Star Butlers at the Town House Galleria in Milan

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Town House Galleria, the Seven Star Hotel in the heart of Milan, presents a new concept in luxury within the splendid panorama of Gallery V. Emanuel II, providing the city of Milan with the most prestigious business address of the city.

In side this veritable ‘House of Luxury’ every single visitor is cared for by a personal butler , not only fluent in their language but who also acts as ultra efficient personal assistant. Town House Galleria is one of the very luxury vacation spots in Italy.

Shopping with the butler

These butlers or chatelaines can become prestigious event planners, booking the best possible restaurants or organizing important meetings . Your butler can get you tickets in advance to that museum or art gallery so that you can avoid tedious queues. As for shopping, there is no request too small for your butler who is happy to take care of any tiresome task.

Alessandro Rosso, owner of the Town House Group says:

“Town House Galleria is not only a hotel but is also a way of life in the city, in the gallery the guest can go shopping, have dinner or just have a coffee while the butler busies himself with all their errands.”

The butler provides delicate and discrete assistance for every guest, serious but never invasive. His services are professional and unique. The butler will respond to any of the most unusual requests and at the same time buy presents or organize theater tickets.

The butler will tenderly cherish the guest‘s small dogs and assist in every possible detail of their care. It is the butler who will track down that elusive helicopter for the all important flight to most fashionable ports for a sailing trip or book the Bentley for a magical jaunt to some heavenly spot. Every butler employed by Town House is chosen for their seriousness, respectful attitude and dedication to each guest with complete discretion .

Situated in a national monument

Town House Galleria is one of the small leading luxury hotels of the world and opened on the 7 March 2007. It represents a new and unique hospitality model and it is where the expression ‘Home from Home’ becomes concrete . The hotel is situated in the heart of Milan in the famous Galleria Victor Emanuel, a national monument, which connects the Piazza della Scala with the Piazza Duomo.

The private entrance, limited to residents, is off Via Silvio Pellico 8 and almost all the suites have view out into the Galleria which gives a unique view of the cupola and this jewel of 19th century architecture. Inside the hotel there are the original frescos and these have been renovated under the direct supervision of the Beauty and Art Institute. The suites are all different, decorated in a personal style and with the elegance created by architect Ettore Mocchetti who has dedicated each suite to a musician, rendering the guests’ stay an exclusive and unforgettable experience…