Sailing onboard the Stahlratte from Panama to Colombia

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The Stahlratte used to be a fishing boat, built by the Dutch, and dating back to 1907. With this 40 meter two-mast schooner you can cruise around the world and enjoy multiple day excursions at the different destinations. What is great about the Stahlratte: there are no leisure entertainers onboard. So people meet each other, they connect and they experience the trip together. Our choice is a trip from Panama to Colombia.

For over 100 years, the Stahlratte has been sailing as a fisherman boat, hosting a revolutionary so-called commune in the sixties, taking part in Greenpeace actions in the eighties and finally bought by a group of sea lovers. Today, about 150 people own the boat and thanks to them the Stahlratte can continue to sail, completely operated by volunteers on a three to six-month rotation. That is except for Ludwig, who has been the captain of the ship for the last two decades.

Sailing the Caribbean Sea with all of these amigos from Panama to Cartegena, Colombia, is a wonderful experience. Could you also take a flight? Of course. But where is the experience and the fun then?

A trip onboard the Stahlratte takes about 4 to 5 days. One of the stop includes an island where the Kuna live, the indigeneous people of Panama and Colombia.

Most of them live on small islands, such as the San Blas Islands.

Great about this stop is that you and the crew will have their own Caribbean island to snorkel, enjoy the sun, barbecue or exchange stories around the campfire. And all this in a decor of white sand beaches, blue-green tropical waters and the sound of the waves.