Unwrap the Portugese history through Fortaleza do Guincho

What would you think of an opulent journey away from the humdrum of mundane life. We will give you some inspiration about one of the world’s finest hotels, their hospitality and services and the exquisite restaurant they have to serve connoisseurs delight.

Fortaleza do Guincho is located in a spectacular location near the coastal town of Cascais, and is about 30 minutes north of Lisbon.

The area surrounding the hotel is simply breath taking with clear blue sea visible from all the sides of the hotel. Actually the luxury hotel is constructed atop of a rocky outcrop overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.

History Embedded Opulence

The Portugal history has been interwoven in this luxury hotel. You get the actual feel of the 17th century architectural elegance and grandeur once you enter the hotel premises. Strategically built back in the 17th century as a fortress by the orders of the Portuguese King João IV in 1642, it still holds its noble and strong posture, watching and diving with exquisite elegance into the Atlantic Ocean.

If you plan to travel to this part of the country a stay in this luxurious fortress is a great idea. Together with Cabo da Roca lighthouse – the farthest point to the west in Europe – Fortaleza is the guardian of one of the most exquisite landscapes in Portugal, including the wonderful Guincho beach and the steep, green hills of Sintra in the Natural Park of Sintra-Cascais.

Supreme Hospitality

You will forget the tiring travelling experience once you will get to see the elegantly styled suits and rooms. There are 27 fully furnished rooms with state-of-the-art modern amenities meshed with the historic look and feel of the place.

Whatever is the purpose of your visit, the warmth and the hospitality of the hotel staff and the exclusive services will make your stay a memorable one. The hotel provides various packages for various accommodation needs. They have luxury honeymoon packages to kindle the romance in the lives of the newly weds.

Gourmet Delights

The hotel is famous for its exquisite and inspired cuisine of Vincent Farges, the creative disciple of the famous chef Antoine Westermann (Buerehiesel restaurant, Strasbourg ).

Vincent Farges leads a young team at the ultra-modern kitchen facilities and holds a solid experience working in some of Europe’s foremost restaurants, namely in France and Greece .

The menus reflect the richness and tradition of French cuisine, with a Portuguese accent. Not only the food but also the wine, which is served is of the most exquisite taste. They have an extraordinary collection of French and Portuguese wines in their cellars to satiate the taste buds of epicureans.