Luxury train travel in India

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India’s hospitality and heritage are known the world over, and what better way to experience these than on board a luxury train? Luxury trains are another one of India’s ways of wowing foreign visitors and giving them a taste of the romance, elegance and decadence of train-travel of the days gone by.

These trains stop at some iconic destinations to show guests a little bit of the culture and heritage of these places, while at other times, they chug lazily through changing landscapes as those on board can rest in their private suites, enjoy cocktails in the bar and savor international cuisine in restaurant coaches.

Chug along in Luxury

The trend started with the iconic Palace on Wheels luxury train that takes guests around regal Rajasthan, Delhi and Agra in a week, and offers amenities like a spa, two restaurants, a sitting lounge, your own saloons and a private butler. Similar experiences are offered by the Maharajas’ Express – India’s uber-luxurious answer to the Orient Express of the West. It is no less than a five-star hotel on wheels – complete with a Presidential Suite and offering five different tours of India, going through different terrains and giving you a glimpse of the architectural and cultural magnificence of India. Royal Rajasthan on Wheels, modeled on the Palace of Wheels, takes you on a subtle, yet extravagant journey through the land of the kings.

From North to South

With most luxury travel focusing on the royal Rajasthan, the Golden Chariot concentrates on the splendor of Southern India with two specially designed itineraries through the erstwhile kingdoms of the south. Likewise, the Deccan Odyssey takes visitors through the heart of India in incredible luxury. Luxury trains of India not just redefine train travel, they offer guests a chance to live like royalty in a week that takes them through the regal heritage of India. Contemporary hospitality and traditional royal interiors means you do feel like you were born with that golden spoon in your mouth…