A luxury train ride experience: enjoy the British scenery in a palace on wheels

The palace on wheels we are referring to is The British Pullman, the sister train to the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express. The minute you step on board you are taken back to the heyday of great train travel. You will take place in vintage carriages dating back to the 1920s. Interesting to know: some of those carriages have been used extensively by the British royal family.

The interiors of each carriage are individual and consist of wonderful marquetry and plush chairs, tables adorned with elegant glass, crisp linen and beautiful flowers.

They each have their own name and history.  For example,  ‘Minerva’ has Edwardian-type marquetry, ‘Zena’ was used in the film ‘Agatha’, while ‘Perseus’ was reserved for Royalty, visiting Heads of State and used in Winston Churchill’s funeral train in 1965.

4 hours of dining on the move

The British Pullman will give you the chance to enjoy the stunning British scenery while enjoying champagne and gourmet cuisine.

There is a possibility for a wide variety of gourmet journeys. However, The British Pullman is also a unique way to enjoy weekend excursions in Great Britain.

Since making its first passenger trip in 1982, the splendidly refurbished British Pullman has delighted passengers with luxury excursions and weekend breaks to the stately homes and historic towns of the British countryside. Moreover, the Pullman also carries passengers on the London/Folkestone section of the legendary journey that continues via Paris to continental destinations, including Venice, Prague and Istanbul.

Private sightseeing tours

Our partner ‘Dream Escape’ can arrange for you fantastic day or overnight excursions and private sightseeing tours once you arrive at one of the various destinations the train visits.

These destinations include as Bath, Longleat, Castle Howard and Cambridge. And as you know: superb on-board cuisine is a highlight of every trip, served in style among the vintage carriages in a world of pure indulgence…