Salmon fishing near Delphi Lodge in Ireland

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County Mayo is a county in Ireland, located in the West. It offers a perfect mix of history, culture, food and drink. But most visitors come to Mayo for two other reasons: history and nature. The region has rugged mountains, lakes full of fish (especially salmon) and abbeys and castles dating back to the early middle ages. In this magnicifent piece of Ireland, LUXURY TRAVEL BUTLER has spotted a wonderful place to stay and to experience the country: Delphi Lodge.

In Mayo, nothing is in hurry. And that is really part of its true charm. You drive along winding mountain roads with sheep and farmer and no mobile phone connection. What a luxury!

One of the small localities, just inside the Mayo border is Delphi, which shares the stunning scenery of nearby County Galway’s Connemara National Park. Most visitors enter Delphi via Leenane, a Galway village where Ireland’s only fjord can be found.

The mountains in this area sing colours from all types of green to blue and red, depending on the season. The horizon is also untouched, with no houses or building. Just nature.

Hidden Ireland

In this area, you can find Delphi Lodge, a member of ‘The Hidden Ireland’, an association of historic private country houses that offer exclusive accommodation and exceptional hospitality in some of Ireland’s finest private homes. Delphi Lodge is a country house and fishing lodge dating back to the 1830s, situated in the amazing decor of Connemara Ireland.

It you are looking for total rest, this historical hidden treasure, overlooking a beautiful lake, is the place to be. Delphi Lodge has 12 rooms and is also available for exclusive use.

Lighthouse walks on Clare Island

The place is a great spot for salmon fishing, espcially the Atlantic salmon. If you want to be sure to catch fish, go to Finlough, one of the most prolific lakes. Looking for the deepest lake? Then head for Doolough, one of the deepest lakes in Ireland. Or the most beautiful one? Then the Bundorragha should be your choice, especially for fly fishing.

Delphi Lodge is also the starting point for daily guided excursions in the most stunning Connemara surroundings.

Other activities include horse-riding, hill walking, golf or island trips to charming places like Inishboffin and Inishturk, each with small village communities and the all-important pub, sandy beaches and sense of going back into time. Clare Island, with its stunning lighthouse walk, is also a great place to visit. So looking for history, authenticity and rest? Now you know where to go!