Luxury beachfront villa in Punta del Este, Uruguay

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Set on one of Punta del Este’s most exclusive areas, La Teta y La Luna is an oasis of pleasure. Its 5 hectares land, composed of vast gardens lies over one of the few private beaches in town. Miles of pink sand and ocean for the enjoyment of just 7 property owners within more than 30 kms. A mini soccer field, a lake and an infinity pool complete the fascinating nature that surrounds the stone- made house.

Designed by architect Ravazzani, the property counts with a master suite with spectacular views, a luxury dressing room and a two-showered bathroom.

Separated from another bedroom by a family room - equipped with TV giving it a feeling of privacy and romance. All rooms are decorated with both old and new furnishings, filled with details and creative décor accents. Bathrooms and dressing rooms are equally detailed and all comfortable and modern with that natural twist that defines the house.

Bohemian and eclectic accents

The private office, small but quiet, is separated from the private area of the two main bedrooms by a long hallway that leads to the entertainment area where the living room and dinning room are.

The bohemian and eclectic accents of the house décor reach the kitchen area with its huge table and stunning views of the house, the garden and the ocean.

Separated by a glass door, the guest bathroom leads to the stone stairway that separates the master guest room from the entertaining area and the private rooms. Equipped with two king-size beds, a dressing room and a full bathroom, the room that faces the infinity pool has a special feel of its own. Like a refuge from everything, its silence and privacy are a blessing for any guest.

Preceded by outdoor stairs, the second guest room lies beneath the pool and faces the secret garden. Its blue walls, its views and its privacy make it one of the house’s preferred enclaves.

Perfect couple retreat

Far across the main garden, near the lake, a luxury guest cabana makes the perfect couple retreat.

The sounds of the lake, its Polynesian feel and its privacy makes this spot one ideal place for guests that prefer to lead an independent life from the rest of the household.

The housing counts with separated rooms for the hired help.

Guests of the household are invited to enjoy the fresh grown pesticide-free vegetables, as well as organic chickens and eggs.