Sleeping in a lighthouse on Sardinia

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Sardinia is characterized by the warm hospitality of its people, the beautiful beaches, great gastronomy and so much more. LUXURY TRAVEL BUTLER has recently discovered a magnificent place on this island where you can enjoy a rare experience: an overnight stay in a lighthouse, on the top of a rock with great sea view.

The Lighthouse, still in operation today, was built in 1856 by the Italian Navy. It has lit the way for seamen for over 150 years. Today it’s a luxury guesthouse without losing its original function.

The Lighthouse is open all months of the year, and it’s really amazing in summer and even in winter with the fantastic stormy weather of the location.

The Lighthouse is located 50 km from the Elmas Airport and the city of Cagliari, in the area of Chia, on the southernmost tip of the island: a completely wild and unpolluted piece of land. You will find no other buildings in the neighbourhood, just a decor of Mediterranean bushes surrounded by beautiful, white sandy beaches.

Infinity pool

There is a 3000 square meters garden linked to the Lighthouse with a huge centuries-old olive tree and a big lawn where you can enjoy long evenings on white sofas in front of a cosy fireplace and a barbecue area.

In the front of the building, there is a large wooden platform, looking out on the cliff with amazing sea view.

And what’s more: in the middle of the platform, there is an infinity pool (14m long, 6m wide and 1,3m deep), completely with hydro-massage water jets.

Also from the inside, this Sardinean Lighthouse is truly beautiful with nice bath rooms (in one of them the wash basin is held up by an ancient mortar found in the Mongolian countryside), a professional kitchen, a small office, a reading room with a fireplace and six suites. Two additional mini-flats outside the main block of the Lighthouse are also part of the propriety. They are on two floors and offer sleeping place for 12 persons.

Snorkling and scuba diving

There are plenty of activities you can do including visiting the ruins of a weather station, on the hill where the Lighthouse is situated. It's worth doing because from there you have an astonishing panoramic view on the coast. Furthermore, you can also go snorkeling or scuba diving in the water next to the Lighthouse. Or what about mountain biking along the coast, all the way to the beautiful beach of Tuerredda? Or horseback riding along the beach of Chia and to the lagoon, where you can spot the characteristic pink flamingos.

Prices for a classic suite per night range from 500 to 800 euro.  For privatizing the six suites, you will pay (according to the period) between 10.000 and 30.000 euro per week.