Casa Grimaldi: sleeping in a 17th century monastery in Le Marche, Italy

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Le Marche in Italy. Never heard of before? Ok, you will be forgiven. It seems like one of Italy's least known regions, although it’s the perfect place on earth to experience the classic Italian lifestyle. LUXURY TRAVEL BUTLER has visited the region a couple of weeks ago… we fell in love with the dramatic scenery. And with the beauty of Casa Grimaldi…

Some details first on the region. We have learned from the locals that Le Marche was the birthplace of Renaissance icons like Raphael and Bramante, the famous opera composer Gioachino Rossini or Italy’s favourite poet, Giacomo Leopardi.

Oh yes, and even the Argentinian footballer Lionel Messi has roots in Le Marche: his ancestors emigrated from this region in the 19th century.

There is no doubt about it: Le Marche should be high on your bucket list! It’s an untouched region that stretches about a hundred miles along the Adriatic Coast. But the real magic lies in the undulating hills of its interior. The countryside of Le Marche is a wonderful place, peppered with cultural blockbusters like Urbino or Gubbio, one-street villages and natural wonders, of which the Frassasi caves are high on our list of toppers! And for the gourmands: don’t forget to visit Aqualagna, the truffle city of Le Marche.

Casa Grimaldi: where romance meets Italian authenticity

And in that patchwork of beautifully coloured mountains rises a stunning and truly elegant monastery dating back to the 17th century: Casa Grimaldi. You are privileged if you can stay for the night in this charming hotel. There are 6 rooms in total, all breathing Italian authenticity and a unique and romantic atmosphere. This casa has both double rooms and family rooms up to 4 persons, all with antique terracotta floors and modern facilities.

Casa Grimaldi is a place where you will collect your best memories… Enjoy the marvellous cuisine of chef Heidi, warm your heart with the conversations with Ives – master of the house – and sip a glass of Italian prosecco at the pool, with stunning views over the Le Marche mountains. Life can beautiful indeed… And great to know: Casa Grimaldi offers all year-round various experience packages, including biking, Italian cooking, Vespa tours, vineyard hopping, exclusive gastronomic experiences and so much more.

Your Italian wedding at Casa Grimaldi

Casa Grimaldi is also your perfect spot for weddings, even for larger family groups. The owners have welcomed guests from all over the world and offer an A to Z impeccable service in this respect. If you can’t wait: take your loved one by the hand and get on the plane! There are all-year-round flights to Le Marche with Ryanair to Ancona or Perugia (both about 45 minutes from Casa Grimaldi). Bologna and Rome airports are just two and half hours away by car, with flights from many international airlines.

To be honest, LUXURY TRAVEL BUTLER has lost its heart at Casa Grimaldi in Le Marche. But you can be sure: we will go back and find it! If you would like to experience the Italian magic yourself, just fill out the form and you will get the info you request in your mailbox. See you in Le Marche!