Picking olives, making wine, cooking and staying in a private mansion in Sicily

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LUXURY TRAVEL BUTLER has found a unique place to stay: a secluded Sicilian mansion. It consists of two antique stone buildings surrounded by a wonderful ornamental garden that faces one of the most beautiful panoramic views in Sicily. From this luxurious place, you can take part in the wine harvest or the picking of olives. Or learn all about the Sicilian ‘cucina’…

This authentic Sicilian mansion offers its guests silence, a relaxing atmosphere, the best comforts and old fashioned hospitality. This 13 hectare property, surrounded by Toarmina’s wonderful countryside, is situated at 600 meter above sea level.

This can be the place where you could enjoy your very first and truly authentic experience in taking part in the wine harvest.

And after a memorable day in the country, you go back to your mansion, which is closely situated to many important touristic destinations like Toarmina, the wonderful Castelmola and Giardini Naxos - the first Greek Colony in Sicily.  Because dinner is waiting for you…

Great to know: you can also take part in cooking lessions by the owner of the mansion, who is a member of the Italian Academy of Gastronomy.

Panoramic Sicilian views

The mansion features a marvellous Mediterranean style park that has more than 6.000 different types of plants and trees. Along the park’s winding paths, there are lovely wooden benches where you can admire the panoramic view: the Ionic coast of Sicily from Naxos to Catania up to the very tip of Siracusa. And the majestic Mount Etna can also be clearly seen. This is really what they call ‘heaven’…