Gorilla tracking in the Congo

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Congo is second largest country in Africa by area and the eleventh largest in the world. The rainforests of Congo contain great biodiversity. You can find there many rare and endemic species including the bonobo, the forest elephant, the white rhino…and the mountain gorilla. If you want to go for an awe-inspiring and unique experience, LUXURY TRAVEL BUTLER can highly recommend you a gorilla tracking tour through the swampy grassland.

Your starting point is Brazzaville, located on the Congo river. After an overnight stay in this capital city of the Republic of Congo, you should take some time to discover the city.

Because indeed: you haven’t been to Congo if you haven’t experienced Brazzaville!

And if you have time, go for lunch to ‘O Sympathic’. Nothing luxurious, very affordable and the best fondue in the whole of Congo.

Threehouse-inspired lodging

After lunch, you will take a charter flight to Odzala-Kokoua National Park. That’s where you encounter the forest elephants and the western gorillas. It's also home to Lango Camp, a cozy treehouse-inspired lodging where you will spend the next few nights.

Lango Camp will be your base from where you will go on daily rainforest exploration tours, on boat tours along the Lekoli river (hope you will spot putty-nosed monkeys!) or just enjoy fishing.

Gorilla Tracking Academy

And then it’s off via vehicle to Ngaga Camp where you relish the next 48 hours tracking lowland gorillas on foot.

It’s a wonderful experience to observe these magnificent creatures (together with a guide, of course) and see their habits and gestures. 

If you want to become a specialist in gorilla tracking yourself, it’s possible to visit the ‘Gorilla Tracking Academy’ where you will learn more about the role of local trackers in gorilla conservation.

Ready for some real Africa?  Those who have been to Africa before will know the feeling: Africa never leaves your heart…great people, great continent!