Discover the magic waterholes at El Questro Wilderness park in Australia

Nicole Kidman has let the secret out! Whilst there may not be any scientific evidence in claims that Nicole’s dip in a Kununurra waterhole led to the conception of her daughter, there’s certainly some magic in the waterholes at El Questro!

As reported in the Australian Women’s Weekly, Nicole Kidman fell pregnant during filming of Baz Luhrmann’s movie Australia, many scenes of which were filmed at Voyages El Questro Wilderness Park. In particular Nicole pinpoints it to a swim in waterfalls just outside Kununurra, claiming there is “something in the water up there in Kununurra”.

Tantalising water holes

Baz Luhrmann and the Australia film crew filmed sections of the movie at El Questro, including cattle stampedes with the magnificent CockburnRanges as the backdrop, river crossings and drought scenes.

Whether Nicole was enjoying a dip at Emma Gorge Waterfall (just behind Voyages Emma Gorge Resort), or at any one of the deep gorges, pools and rivers at El Questro – one thing’s clear: there’s certainly some magic in the Kimberley waters!

But we have no scientific evidence – the only way to find out is to make a trip to Voyages El Questro Wilderness Park and enjoy a dip in one of the many tantalising water holes to find out!

Here are some options:

Emma Gorge Resort

Hidden within the fiery red of El Questro’s Cockburn Ranges, lies the spectacular Emma Gorge Resort. It is conveniently located close to some of El Questro’s major attractions – just two kilometres off the Gibb River Road and one hour from Kununurra.

Nestled between palms and pandanus, gravel paths link the Tented Cabins, restaurant, bar, reception and gorge. Take a short stroll from the base of the gorge past butterfly-filled trees and vines to a huge turquoise waterhole, perfect for swimming, and the ideal setting for a relaxing massage under the permanent droplet waterfalls.

El Questro Gorge

Another gorgeous spot for swimming is El Questro Gorge, where the water flows beneath clouds of butterflies and gorge walls cloaked in ferns and mosses. It’s so clear it looks as if the colourful native fish that live there are hovering in mid air.

Zebedee Thermal Springs

For those who prefer to take the waters in an even more leisurely fashion, there’s always Zebedee Springs, where guests can soak beneath a canopy of Livistona palms in thermal water that spills from orange sandstone cliffs.