Djibouti Palace Kempinski: spend a million dollar in a weekend

If you want to experience the ultra-luxury available only for the happy few who can afford extravagance, this could be the answer: the Djibouti Palace Kempinski for an ultra-deluxe travel deal . The B-Lavish brochure has been designed with your pleasure in mind…Ready to enjoy this luxury travel destination?

It begins like this: you will be chauffeur-driven in one of the hotel’s fleet of chic black Lincoln Navigators to the imposing marble entrance of the Djibouti Palace Kempinski, where you will receive a warm African welcome… And then the luxury magic begins…

24-Karat welcome Kit

Your personal butler is waiting for you at your presidential suite and gives you a “24-Karat Welcome Kit” with a golden iPod , with a selection of ‘chill out music’ as precious as gold. The music played was created with the utmost thought in relieving stress, offering bio-energetics and relaxation tunes.

Your “24-Karat Welcome Kit” also contains the Thuraya SO-2510, designed to be the smallest and lightest phone in the satellite industry. The SG-2520 is the only satellite smartphone in existence, offering satellite service along with the full range of advanced features.

But the show has not begun yet… Enjoy your cold Château d’Yquem with superior Almas Caviar in real-gold-covered egg shell . Fritz Knipschildt’s world famous “Madeleine” (the best truffle chocolate!) will melt your six senses while the butler unpacks your luggage…Be lavish: ask for a diamonds encrusted tea-bag

Sun is slowly going down and you’d better go to enjoy the gorgeous view of the Red Sea on the deluxe sunset cruise. In the middle of the ocean, on a private fisherman’s boat, while an unbelievable orange-purplish sky is setting down, with the splish–splash of the dolphins, you will enjoy your private orchestra: 25 violins and harps…the players all dressed in black tie.

And then we are sorry to disturb your dreamy moment, but our chef has prepared a cozy tea time for you. Sip your ‘Makaibari Silver Tips Darjeeling’ tea which has particularly pale leaves and is picked from the oldest gardens in India. Tea will be served together with Almas caviar in a 24-Karat gold tin . Please help yourself with a ‘petite’ Almas caviar spoon and enjoy the Russian Blinis with real Smetana, chopped onions and egg yolks.

The diamond teabag worth 18.000 euro has been hand-crafted using 280 diamonds. The Almas caviar comes from Iran making it extremely rare and extremely expensive, worth 30.000 euro. The whole Orchestra at Sun Set is worth 62.000 euro.

The Billionaire Breakfast in a Volcano Crater

After a good night sleep in your presidential suite, your private helicopter will take you to the top of a dormant volcano crater, around the ocean of the “Le Goubet “ plage, where your breakfast is served:

Billionaire Omelets with a lobster on top, croissants, delicious foccacia breads, sliced tropical fruits, and the undeniable ‘Volcano Blanc’, a little miniature volcano: a ‘Moelleux au Chocolat’ filled with creamy white chocolate.

Dinner directly from Sicily

Near Taormina, a small town on the island of Sicily in Italy, there is a fantastic Italian Restaurant, who has agreed to deliver the expensive take-out Spaghetti alla Caprese, Lobster with Citrus Sauce and the real “Granita di Caffe’ con panna”. Chef Tiziano Rossetti agreed to deliver the meal personally. And he will be going to the Italian Market in Catania, to choose the best ingredients, and will bring the meal from sunny Sicily to Djibouti onboard our private airplane.

There will be piano music and a bottle of Mouton Rothschild . If wished so, you can also opt for a nine-course dinner starting with ‘Créme brûlée of foie gras’ and continuing with ‘Tartar of Kobe beef’ with ‘Beluga Caviar’ and ‘Belons oysters’, Black truffle, Lobster Osso Buco, Ravioli with Guinea fowl and ‘burrata cheese’ and a refreshing Dom Pérignon Granite.

And don’t forget to enjoy your private fireworks while the piano plays your private concerto…