Diving in the tropical waters of mystical Indonesian islands

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Indonesia has hundreds of mystical islands, lost in time and space, with ancient cultures and protected wild life. You can experience these wonders onboard a traditional wooden schooner. The boat, with a length of 40 meters, has the facilities of a 5-star boutique hotel.

All boats, especially designed for cruising and diving in the tropical waters of Indonesia, have a capacity of 28 persons: 10 guests and 18 professionals on board. They make sure that your experience the best of Indonesia in absolute comfort.

Driven by one 640-horse power Mitsubishi engine the vessel cruises at 10 knot and you can select a dozen places to go to. One of our favourites places is the Banda Sea, located between the Raja Ampat islands to the north and the Komodo islands to the south.

The magical waters of this sea offer some of the most unique diving adventures in the Indo-Pacific regions.

Distant atolls with abundant marine life arise from the deep sea. The place to be for ‘wall diving’: diving along the face of vertical underwater cliff walls…

The island of Bandaneira is also a must-experience: it was once the center of the Dutch-Portuguese spice trade route, dating back to the 17th century. Today, it’s the habitat of the rare mandarin fish. However, the jewel in the crown of the Indonesian Banda Sea lies at Gunung Api: it’s a ocean oasis of pristine reefs, caves and underwater walls surrounded by marine life.

If you want to experience a cruise on the Banda Sea, you will need about 10 days. Ready to go? Just contact us for more information!