Discover the unique Basque cuisine

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The Basque cuisine has a worldwide reputation, with a coastal cuisine dominated by fish and seafood and an inland cuisine with fresh and cured meats, lots of vegetables and freshwater fish. If you visit the Basque Culinary Center, the first food university in Spain and truly unique in the world, you will definitely learn more about his innovation cuisine. But LUXURY TRAVEL BUTLER has two other suggestions: a meet and greet with two Basque top chefs.

Walking around the ‘baserritarras’ with Juan Mari Arzak

Juan Mari Arzak is one of the most awarded worldwide Basque chefs and considered the father of Basque cuisine. With his 3 star Michelin restaurant, he promotes an avant-garde cuisine with character and tradition, continuously evolving and researching.

You can start your day with a walk with Juan Mari Arzak around the ‘baserritarras’ in San Sebastian, traditional Basque farmers selling seasonal products in different markets.

And of course, do make a stop to enjoy a ‘pintxo’ in the old town’, a typical local tapa. In the evening, you will enjoy the top cuisine of Juan Mari Arzak and after dinner, you walk along the Concha beach or watch a Basque pelota game with the chef himself, who is a big fan of this sport.

Cooking with Martín Berasategui

Martín Berasategui is a Basque chef with international fame and he is currently the chef with the most Michelin stars in Spain (6). He owns several restaurants, including the successful restaurant ‘Martín Berasategui’.

At his restaurant, he will be waiting for you to share his kitchen with you during one day and show you the ins and outs of his restaurant and elaborate with you some of his signature dishes.

You will end up this unforgettable experience enjoying his haute cuisine.