Truffle hunting on the Istrian Peninsula

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The Istrian Peninsula in Croatia… This region has always attracted a special kind of visitors: those who consider gastronomy as one of the main reasons for traveling. The typical character of this region lies not only in its beautiful coast but also in the inland, described as the terra incognita – an unknown, unexplored land. LUXURY TRAVEL BUTLER explored Narduči and Livade…

The picturesque village of Narduči is not so well known.

It’s a place where you can enjoy a private wine tasting at the famous Franc Arman winery.

Grape-growing and winemaking have long been the economic mainstay of generations of families in Istria. Traditionally passed down from father to son, vineyards were cultivated and worked by hand, often with little or no mechanisation, well into the mid-twentieth century. Established in 1850, Franc Arman Vineyards and Winery, headed today by Franc and Oliver Arman, continues the family tradition and core values set out by founding father Edoardo, while taking the art and science of winemaking to new levels.

The biggest white truffle in the world

After the wine tasting, we would suggest you to continue your journey to the village of Livade, one of the most important centers of truffle farming in Europe.

Here you can enjoy a truffle hunting demonstration with a local farmer and his sniffer dog.

Until recently the Istrian white truffle was unknown in the world of luxury gastronomy. Only those who are the true connoisseurs of this magical fungus come to visit the small corner of the world from which this delicacy originates. And if you are looking for a great restaurant to taste truffle, we can recommend you to try the exceptional cuisine of the famous Zigante Restaurant.

It’s owner, Mr. Zigante, has earned his place in the Guinness Book of Records as the one who has found the biggest white truffle (1,31 kg) in the world. The restaurant offer truffles, as well as the other Istrian delicacies such as Pršut (Prosciutto) and local cheeses and meats, complimented by wines from Croatia’s vineyards and the native grappa of the region.

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