The Sport of Kings in the English Countryside

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Nestled in beautifully kept gardens in the heart of the rolling hills, cozy cottages and lush, green landscape of the countryside, Ellenborough Park provides the most enchanting English adventure. This 16th century manor house is perfectly situated to experience charming historic villages and fascinating living history of the area.

With over 5000 km of footpaths at the doorstep, the hotel is also very close to the Cotswold Way, a 100 mile footpath which passes close to a significant number of historic sites. In addition guests will also have the opportunity to partake in royally English activities such as polo, archery, shooting and much more.

Polo is one of the fastest, most exciting games in the world. Commonly called “The Sport of Kings,” polo is a royal tradition and a wonderful skill that any luxury traveler would love to learn. At Ellenborough Park guests can learn the noble sport of polo in a mere 90-minutes from Hurlingham Polo Association qualified coaches. Longdole Polo Club offers excellent playing faculties and well-schooled ponies, with the promise that any student will be able to play in a game of polo at the end of their lesson.