The Camino de Santiago: personal tour deluxe edition

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The motives behind venturing to complete The Camino de Santiago (The Way of St James) are very personal, and as such, varied and different: to exert oneself, to unwind, to meditate, to fulfil a promise, to reconnect with family, to be alone, tradition, spirituality, to experience something special... Any of those is valid and all lead to the same wonderful achievement which will mark a clear ‘before and after’  in your life. Regardless of the reason, it allows you to distance yourself from your daily routine.

Alberta LaGrup would like to propose an enriching personal experience, by either foot or bike, to see luxury as a moment in time, touched by our savoir faire and special attention to make your walk extraordinary.

Unique experiences and hundreds of stories

Alberta LaGrup has chosen accommodation with the most charm: country houses, Indian palaces, inns, unique sites hosting hundreds of stories and experiences;

we organise unique experiences to enjoy in each region: cider routes and tastings, tours of fishing villages with a private guide who can tell you thousands of seafaring legends,

....visits to cheese and dairy farms, walks along never-ending beaches, sunset on an 18-hole golf course, use of quad bikes or buggies, amongst others...

Alberta LaGrup offer routes that combine the intense green landscape of the mountains with the coastal cliffs and the never-ending beaches; custom itineraries which meet your expectations and match your state of fitness.

During the selection of locations 'Alberta LaGrup' always looks for exceptional elements, exclusivity and maximum comfort. From accommodation which serves the best homemade breakfasts to activities to enjoy and special places to get lost in, to making your way through a list of recommended restaurants and cafés, visiting craft shops, temporary expositions and performances in honour of St James Holy Year, enjoying daily sports massages after training; everything, absolutely everything prepared and organised for your enjoyment.

Programme details - Camino de Santiago

Camino del Norte (The Northern Route) – from Santander to Santiago – includes:

  • Management of flights from Barcelona and Madrid. (We can also offer a private plane. Naturally you choose the schedule that best suits you).
  • Transfer service to/from the airport.
  • Shopping trip to prepare all you may need for the experience - 3 hours of personal shopping.
  • List of recommendations and essential things to see.
  • Complete itinerary of The Northern Route, with details and profiles of each and every step, as well as points of interest so that you can fully admire what is considered to be the most beautiful route of the coast of Cantabria.
  • Accommodation in establishments of each region chosen for their charm or unique characteristics, Pazos, Roadside Hotels, Indian Palaces; homemade breakfasts with an abundance of local products, especially chosen to help you face the challenges of the day ahead.
  • Daily picnic to restore your energy en route.
  • Lunch and dinner reservations in well-known restaurants with outstanding chefs, pubs, cider houses and venues which are not cited in guidebooks.
  • Leisure and relaxation activities for each day: cider tasting routes along with a tour of the Pumaradas, natural cider workshops, visits to wineries and tastings, private guide for an explanation about and visit to cheese and dairy farms, a peaceful tour of Romanesque monasteries, castles and caves, walks through the woods and countryside of Cantabria, walks through beach landscapes, water activities, games of golf on an 18-hole course andriver rafting.
  • Virtual personal concierge service for your assistance during the whole trip, 24 hours if necessary.
  • Bike transfer – to the destination and back again.
  • Daily sport or therapeutic massage in the comfort of your hotel room, to relax your muscles and prepare for the next step (some venues have a spa)
  • Daily transportation of all your luggage from one stage to the next. The only thing you have to worry about is enjoying yourself.
  • Other options include vehicle rental for the last weekend and other parallel leisure activities for women: cultural and artistic activities, shopping, craft, ceramics, concerts, etc…