A unique & personalized Amsterdam weekend package experience

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The versatile city of Amsterdam is mostly famous for its canals, red-light district and coffee shops in which they don’t serve coffee, but mostly a special cake, called space cake. But there is so much more to explore; well-known museums, a stunning restaurants scene and a creative industry, as no other city can offer in Europe. 

Below sea-level experience

Explore the waterfront by private rent-a-boat on which you can enjoy a glass of wine and some bites – the best time is the end of the day, around 17:00 –  when many ‘Dutchies’ do the same after work.

Cruise through the canals of more than one hundred kilometres in “the Venice of the north” and be dropped off at one of the original restaurants Amsterdam has to offer like Pont 13.

Although it's a little out of the city centre, this unique restaurant is worth the extra effort for both the food and its unique location in an old ferry dating from 1927 which ran back and forth across the harbour. Beautifully renovated, with wooden floors and an industrial ambience, where you can enjoy sublime French cuisine and fine wines within this spacious boat — or on its outdoor terrace in summer — with views across the harbour.

Creative circle experience

You can’t leave Amsterdam, without riding a bike, although we think only riding is not enough, you have to feel like a real local and go to the special places.

Concierge Amsterdam has a special love for creative places off the beaten path: be inspired by the ‘Frozen Fountain’ for contemporary furniture and home accessories. The Frozen Fountain maintains close contacts with designers from various art academies, which ensures a dynamic and varied collection.

Afterwards do some creative shopping at 290 sqm, visit the sensational photography museum Foam where you can also relax a bit enjoying a cup of coffee and a piece of pie.

Finish your day, going to the northern part of Amsterdam, behind the central station take the ferry and cross over, where you for sure have to visit Noorderlicht Café for a drink and bite in a untimed chill vibe among actors, artists, painters and beautiful moms with kids, where you will for sure enjoy the stunning view across Amsterdam.

Business group travel experience

There is an international trend at the moment for corporate concierge demands, mostly international orientated companies hire local experts to fulfil their business trip experience from incentives, to events and visits to cities like Amsterdam.

When you are eager to consume your time at the utmost, Concierge Amsterdam can complete your Amsterdam experience and make it unique, while they intimately know the city and love to provide a high level of personalized services with which they can pamper and mostly surprise their clients.