Ready for surprising agriturismo experiences in Italy?

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Italian agriturismo? Let us explain ourselves: those experiences will typically serve foods to guests prepared from raw materials produced on site and allow the guests to participate in the activities taking place on a farm. LUXURY TRAVEL BUTLER has selected three exclusive agriturismo activities…

Amalfi Coast Lemon Estate & Limoncello Factory

Begin your day down the coast for a unique visit to a family-owned private estate, the largest private lemon grove on the Amalfi Coast.

The estate stretches from the mountainous cliffs all the way down to the Mediterranean Sea, and has been growing lemons on the property for generations, following the local historical agricultural practices and traditions.

Enjoy a light picnic lunch and speciality delicacies made from the fresh-picked lemons in the gardens.

A final stop to visit a small factory, known for its production of the famous lemon liqueur Limoncello, made from the finest, locally selected lemons, which grow along the slopes of the coast. Learn about the production of this indigenous liqueur and taste some of this local treat right off the production line.

You will receive the recipe of this old artisan Amalfi Coast tradition so you can make your own Limoncello at home.

The Perfect Pizza Maker

Your itinerary begins with a pick-up by your personal chauffeur to transfer you to the farm located on the sloping hillside near Sorrento. Enjoy a tour of the farm, which still preserves the charming aspects of its ancestral heritage.

Then enjoy a lesson in authentic Neapolitan pizza making, including a demonstration on how to make fresh cheese!

Your lesson is followed by a traditional and delicious light lunch made from the farm's own products, your own homemade pizza and some tasty local wines.

Buffalo Mozzarella Farm

Visit one of the Campania Region's most famous mozzarella farms, considered industry leaders in buffalo mozzarella production. Participants will follow the production of this world-famous cheese, from the milking of the water buffaloes to the salting and packing of the final product.

This wonderful visit includes the possibility to enjoy the world's best and most fresh mozzarella & ricotta cheeses, yogurt, ice cream, and various other buffalo milk products indigenous to the area and produced on this farm.