Be the first with this extraordinary expedition in Guyana

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This unique expedition will take you to one of the most remote areas of jungle in South America, more specifically in Guyana. You will undertake two world first experiences: from the top of the Kaieteur Falls you will abseil to the jungle floor and you will forge a new path behind the cascade to explore a cave that has not been visited before by humans. Furthermore, you will fly by helicopter over the dense rainforest to land on Mount Roraima and abseil off the prow into the jungly… Ready for a stunning challenge?

Upon arrival in Guyana, you will travel by private aircraft to the heart of the Guyanese rainforest: to the Potaro-Siparuni region. That’s where the Kaieteur Falls are based. It’s not just an idyllic waterfall.

It’s the largest single drop waterfall in the world and on this exclusive expedition, you will have the opportunity to abseil from the top of the falls 741 feet down towards the jungle floor.

You can believe us: few humans have ever accomplished this unique challenge. Will you be alone? No, you will joined by Special Forces and certified guides. You will feel safe at all times!

Once down in the jungle, you and your guides will attempt a world’s first by entering the cavern directly behind Kaieteur Falls. The guides will establish a safe route through the water and then it’s your turn: you will edge your way behind the waterfall and you will be the first to see the cave…

Landing on the highest table-top mountain in South America

The next day, you can make yourself ready for a truly dramatic heliflight over the jungle canopy towards the Venezuelan border. The helicopter will land on the summit of Mt Roraima, the highest table-top mountain in South America. Your expedition will move across the plateau using Tyrolean traverse and abseil techniques.

And you will have the unique chance to become the first to ever abseil 1,500ft off the prow of Roraima…

Back on the jungle floor, you will spend some more days of trekking, spending the night high in the trees on sleeping platforms. Do we have to repeat that this epic and pioneering adventure is truly unique? Of course not! If you need more info, just contact us!