A luxury mansion dedicated to the art of design & landscaping

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Jean-Christophe Stoerkel, a landscape gardener, is the brain behind this elegant mansion in the very heart of Paris, near to the Trocadero Square. The building previously belonged to Jacques Homberg, who was also known as one of Christian Dior’s lovers – they are believed to have lived together in that house, until Jacques Homberg died in 2000.

Innovation in the world of design & landscaping

Jean-Christophe Stoerkel’s home is an innovation in the world of design & landscaping and at a showroom of furniture, materials, fabrics and decorative items by young and trendy designers. Zimmer-Rohde chose Le 6, mandel to show its new haute-couture collection “Ardecora”, created by the designer Katharina Bruno-Schmitter. Another artist is Pierre-Alexandre Poulain, who exhibits pieces of furniture and lighting that blend in perfectly with Le 6, Mandel’s atmosphere.

A beacon of modern design

Italian Domani exhibits tubs and contemporary vases such as the ‘Acanthe’ model, while German brand IP 44 displays its steel lights with refined shapes. Atelier Prométhée delivers traditional items, notably replicas of Medici pots and vases part of the Musées de France collections.

Le 6, Mandel also presents a new innovative material that is both light and smooth, strong and malleable. It is a blend of resin and pigments available in different colours and shapes. Examples of it can be seen in the kitchen (work tops, floors) and ensuite bathroom. In harmony with the indoor / outdoor concept, Sunbrella displays a range of refined resistant fabrics on the garden furniture (sunshades, canopy) and house furnishings (cushions and blinds).

For those who want to take some time to discover all of this designer’s delight during a stay in Paris, there is one guest room on the top floor, designed by Emmanuel Renoird.

He decorated the splendid guest room with precious ‘Ardecora’ fabrics by Zimmer-Rohde, a subtle blend of leather and silky materials. Rate of the guest room : 270€ per night plus 30€ per person for the breakfast.

You will never be bored when staying here, because there is always some workshop taking place here, such as flower arrangement and table setting classes by the florist Garance, a talented artist with many tips and good ideas to create refined and original table setting and flower arrangements.Or French cookery classes by Jérôme Lemoine, chef for Jeste & Saveurs. He savours its classes with a different theme every month, and of course after preparing your meal you can sit down and enjoy your creation with a selection of specially chosen wines.

More into Japanese? Akura Franck, creator of the kitchen school ‘Suhou’ in Paris will teach Japanese food techniques and notably those of makis. She offers a new interpretation of what constitutes Japanese traditional meals with subtle, refined and tasty versions. Her creations are like bouquets that are both a treat and a delight to look at.